Designer, Husband, Dog Person

I have 14+ years experience as a designer, 3 months as a husband, and a lifetime as a dog person. The fellas you see here are Jet and Jasper. And, yes, they are good boys.

My most recent full-time role was Senior Designer at Mio Global and I'm currently looking for opportunities to apply my diverse skill set. If you'd like to chat please find me on LinkedIn.

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Visual Design

Creating beautiful, useable designs for print, web or mobile, from initial concept to production-ready artwork.

Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

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UX Design

Wireframing, generating user flows, and creating interactive prototypes for user testing and validation.

Tools: Sketch + Invision/Craft, Adobe Xd.

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Front-End Dev

Preparing and optimizing assets, hand-coding responsive HTML and CSS/SCSS, and building on front-end frameworks.

Tools: Atom, CodeKit, Foundation.

putting my feet up
putting my feet up

I'm an okay guy, by the way

Hey, my name's Jeremy but I guess you already got that far. Before I was a designer by vocation I was a designer by hobby, letting curiosity lead me to new skills and software. I first learned HTML via the trial and error tradition of right-click-view-source and I first embraced Photoshop in an effort to create album artwork for my brother's band.

15 years later my curiosity continues to guide me. Learning new applications, exploring new design disciplines, and seeking new sources of inspiration fuels my creativity daily.

I've worked freelance and full-time roles, in-office and remotely, locally and internationally. I pride myself on being an all-around designer who can take on any project, create concepts and prototypes, produce pixel-perfect designs, and write responsive HTML/CSS.

As Senior Designer for Mio Global I was able to handle a wide variety of projects including website content (design & development), print ads, product packaging, brochures, email campaigns, event signage, and more.

When I'm not at my computer I enjoy hanging out with my wife, watching movies, reading, playing sports, playing guitar (poorly), and going for long walks with our dogs.